Sarah Williams On-Air Host, Producer, Programmer, & Actress

With a Passion in Connecting With Her Audience

About Sarah Williams

Even as a child, Sarah knew she would have a career as a performer. Her drive and tenacity allowed to her graduate high school and semester early, with honors, and move to Los Angeles. Initially, Sarah pursued a career and an actress, and along her journey she discovered a passion for hosting. As a host she loves storytelling and connecting with her audience. As an actress, she loves making people feel emotions, especially making people laugh.


Since moving to Los Angeles, Sarah has had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the business including QVC, CBS, Amazon Prime, Fox Digital, E Network, and Yahoo Productions. One of her favorite acting roles to date was playing a lead role in the TV show ‘Real Acting;’ A comedic mockumentary about an out-of-luck acting teacher who assembles a colorful cast of wannabe actors. Season 1 & 2 are currently streaming on Amazon Prime. In 2021 she began a partnership with T3 Hair Tools as their Spokesperson and enjoys representing them on various media outlets including QVC, Amazon Live, Social Media, & more.


The entertainment industry is not a meritocracy and any on-camera opportunities are highly competitive, thus Sarah is a huge believer in creating opportunities. To that end, she has found that work begets work, and stays busy. Sarah is always looking to connect and collaborate with fellow creatives and leaders in the shoppable livestream space.


In her free time Sarah enjoys watching movies with her cinephile husband and their pet rabbit Moose. As well as visiting family every chance she gets. And in her downtime, lounging by the pool enjoying oat milk latte's.

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2024 Webby Honoree Social Campaigns, Fashion, Beauty & Retail Campaigns

Sarah lead hosted the incredible 3-day shoppable livestream event on Pinterest, in collaboration with Walmart

What the Industry is Saying About Sarah


"Renowned as one of the best Live Shopping Hosts in the industry, Sarah is a seasoned on-air personality and performer with an impressive portfolio and expertise that spans a wide array of media channels."

- Live Shopping Hosts to Look Out for in 2024,

"Sarah Williams is a rare gem in the Live Shopping space. She is one of the few individuals that is both a Live Seller and marketing expert. Sarah can help brands integrate a Live Shopping strategy for their marketing mix. She also is able to converse with technicians and developers on the software side to ensure optimal results."

-Anna Araman, VP North America Skeepers

"Sarah’s dedication and skill have earned her recognition as a pioneer in the rapidly evolving shoppable live streaming space. With a philosophy centered around creating opportunities and fostering collaboration, Sarah continues to push the boundaries of Live Shopping, making her a sought-after collaborator and thought leader in the field."

-Navneet Kour Bali, Senior Content Marketer

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With her unparalleled hosting and acting skills, Sarah can make any event or show unforgettable. If you are interested to learn more about what she does, feel free to contact her today.