Sarah Williams T3 Hair Tools Spokesperson

Sarah is thrilled to be representing T3 Hair Tools as their spokesperson! She enjoys sharing her enthusiasm and passion for T3; Making the science, technology, and innovation behind T3 tools easily understood by all.

Brand Spokesperson & Educator

In February of 2021, Sarah began a partnership with T3 Hair Tools as their spokesperson. In addition to representing T3 on various media channels, she programs, produces, and hosts all of their shoppable livestreams. 

Sarah loves sharing her passion for T3, hair styling, and all things beauty. With her compelling in-person & on-camera presence, she effortlessly presents T3 hair tool features, their benefits, technology, and points of differentiation. 

Sarah represents T3 Hair Tools on various media channels, including Amazon Live, QVC, T3's website and social media channels. She also appears on live broadcasts, shoppable livestreams, and pre-recorded video content. Through her approachable demeanor, knack for audience interaction, and sense of humor, Sarah creates a fun and engaging atmosphere that is sure to delight. 

Explore Sarah in the Press for T3

T3 Live

"Hair On-Air"

Join Sarah every Wednesday at 3pm PT for her shoppable livestream on t3micro.com where she is joined by professional stylists, beauty ambassadors and more!

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